Friday, January 9, 2009

I should have moved to the Hamptons and made friends with Ina Garten...

First of all, thank you to my lifelong friend and equally recipe obsessed friend, Cynthia. You created the A-HA moment that this blog needed to begin.

So where to begin? I am Sam. I am I suppose what is known as a "foodie". I find myself researching recipes at all times of the day. I have a file on my computer entitled "Recipes to Try" and there is at last count 192 recipes in that file. 192 recipes? I read food blogs, food articles, watch food network and read and re-read my cookbooks more often than I would care to admit. I know more about the stars on Food Network than I do my own family. Ina, Giada, Bobby, Tyler...we are on a first name least in this house. My 16 month old actually ENJOYS Paula Dean's program..seriously.

And I have 4 kids. And run 2 businesses. And sleep occasionally. So I am parlaying my ridiculous cooking obsession to something good. I will, starting tomorrow, actually tackle those recipes I read about daily and post about them here. I will try my hardest to blog mostly about feeding picky children (As a mom myself I say all too often the name of this blog at each dinner "just 3 bites, please, mommy works hard you know everyday to make you a healthy dinner. Just eat 3 bites and Ill be happy") and the recipes that work (or don't)..but occasionally Ill deviate to blog about my grown up meals as well.

Who knows? Perhaps Ill have a following of 3 (Cynthia because she made me do it, my cousin Marnie because she loves me and will want to edit for grammar and my husband who might want to know what is for dinner) or perhaps a following of 3000....

Good night..sweet dreams..Ill be back tomorrow with recipe #1.


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